Famous Irish American Sports Figures

Irish Americans have permeated every major sport in America.  In fact, some of the greatest athletes in American sports history have come from Irish descent.  Irish American athletes can be found in golf, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing, auto racing, wrestling, surfing, swimming and just about every other American sport.

The following is a list of famous Irish American athletes over the last century and a half.

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Ben Hogan
Ben Hogan | Hall of Fame PGA Golfer

Connie Mack | Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player

Danica Patrick | Professional Racecar Driver

Derek Jeter | New York Yankees All-Star Shortstop

Ed Delahanty | Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player

Ed Walsh | Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player

Jack Dempsey | World Boxing Heavyweight Champion

James J Braddock | World Boxing Heavyweight Champion

Jason Kidd | NBA Champion Point Guard

Jeff Hardy | Professional Wrestler

Jimmy Connors | Hall of Fame Tennis Player

John Cena | Professional Wrestler

John McInroe
John Daly | PGA Golfer

John Elway | Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback

John McEnroe | Hall of Fame Professional Tennis Player

Kelly Slater | Professional Surfer

Kerry Collins | NFL quarterback

Kevin McHale | Hall of Fame NBA Forward

Mark McGwire | Major League Baseball Player

Matt Doherty | College Basketball Player and Coach

Matt Hardy | Professional Wrestler

Michael Phelps | Olympic Champion Swimmer

Mickey Ward | Champion Junior Welterweight Boxer

Nolan Ryan
Nolan Ryan | Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player

Sam Snead | Hall of Fame PGA Golfer

Shannon Moore | Professional Wrestler

Tom Brady | Super Bowl Champion NFL Quarterback

Tom Cahill | Early Major League Baseball Player

Tom Dolan | Olympic Champion Swimmer

Troy O'Leary | Major League Baseball Player

Whitey Ford | Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Pitcher and Manager